Adler Stilman, PLLC Website Redesign*


Design Challenge


Adler Stilman, PLLC is a Michigan firm where lawyers are working for workers rights. The firm wanted their redesign to really showcase workers’ compensation, social security disability and personal injury claims.





A new website with a modern look and updated design, content and imagery.

Some of the new website features include:


    Firm name/logo was updated based on the name change.

    Featured section for the practice areas so they are highlighted.
    Tri county map has been integrated higher on the page.
    Strong calls-to-action to provide clear direction to convert users to leads.
    Content and visuals are balanced on the page for better user experience.
    Modern, balanced, responsive design to build brand trust.



Initial Research


I reviewed the firm’s current website which has a very dated look. There were usability issues, the hero image should be stronger with supportive tagline, and the calls to action should be stronger and used more throughout the site. The layout of the page should be more horizontal instead of vertical.




Initial Wireframe Sketch


After a few discussions with the content writer and site map approval, I started sketching ideas of what the website could look like. I wanted to highlight the practice areas and add supportive text. The tri county map also needed to be higher on the page.




Prototype Design


The new layout has a modern look with a serious tone. I didn’t change the blue color scheme because it is a color liked by both men and women, it is calming and gives a sense of importance and confidence. With this serious of a subject matter, calming and soothing is very important for their clients. The gold accent color is used for highlighting the call to actions. The gold accents add. The whole design layout has better balance between content and visuals. The overall feel of the design is clean, crisp and user-friendly


I worked closely with the developer to ensure the final coded site looked and functioned like the final prototype.




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