Mediation Arbitration Partners Website Design*


Design Challenge


Mediation Arbitration Partners are hand-selected, experienced, compassionate and accomplished divorce and custody attorneys located throughout Colorado. Their site is targeting users that are looking for mediators and arbitrators.





A new website with a modern, sleek, clean look that is focused on Mediators and Arbitrators and didn’t resemble the current site.

Some of the new website features include:


    New branding with logo of MAP Mediation Arbitration Partners

    Sophisticated business imagery with subtle color tones and certain elements with pop of color
    Engaging contextual photos/videos to increase interest in reading more
    Persistent calls-to-action to provide clear direction to convert users to leads
    Content is balanced between visuals, and other elements on the page for better user experience
    Modern, balanced, responsive design to build brand trust



Initial Research


Our contact at the firm supplied us with several website links that had the type of style they were looking for. I reviewed them all to get a solid understanding of the style they are looking for and similarities between them.



They had very specific requests for the Attorneys and the Attorney Profiles pages. I reviewed the sample sites and discussed them with the developer to ensure all the functionality would work within our platform.



The firm also had very specific requests for the type of imagery they wanted. They wanted serious, good looking people in meetings with a modern, sharp dress look. We also had to incorporate the Denver skyline (Denver skyline at dusk) into the design. I spent several hours going through our photo database looking for images that fit their request.



Initial Wireframe Sketches


After a few discussions and site map approval, I started sketching ideas of what the website could look like. I wanted to see different ideas for the logo as well as placement of imagery and content. We were looking to create a design with great use of white space and balance of visuals and content. I worked with the content writer to make sure content, visuals and everything on the page were well balanced.




First Prototype


After I created the home, internal, attorneys and attorney profile mockups, I presented them to the firm. I walked through the designs explaining the reasoning behind everything and the functionality.


The firm was very pleased with the initial prototype designs and liked the use of blue as the main color and the meaning behind it. After some discussion, we decided to use a little darker and brighter blue color scheme. We also thought the MAP logo needed to stand out more, which is in the updated layouts below.




Final Layouts


The new website is a unique web presence and showcases the experienced Mediators/Arbitrators they have throughout Colorado. The design has a modern, sleek, sophisticated look with a lot of white space. I used a blue color scheme to show trust, wisdom and confidence, which is important for the subject matter for this practice. The modern business imagery compliments the color scheme and are placed throughout the design as large visuals to break up all the content, which also gives the site a better user experience.


I worked closely with the developer to make sure the final coded site looked and functioned like the final prototype.





Mediators/Arbitrators Page


MAP wanted to give a personal feel to the Mediators/Arbitrators page. To accomplish this I created thumbnail images for all of them. To keep a uniform feel, all the images are set to gray scale and hover to color.