Moore O’Brien & Foti Website Redesign*


Design Challenge


Moore O’Brien & Foti is a Connecticut personal injury firm. They were looking to have their website redesigned for better usability, updated firm logo and a bolder color scheme. They also want to highlight their affiliations.





A new website with a modern look and updated design, content and imagery.

Some of the new website features include:


    Firm name/logo was updated based on the name change.

    Featured section for cases & Verdicts were highlighted.
    Engaging contextual photos to increase interest in reading more.
    Strong calls-to-action to provide clear direction to convert users to leads.
    Content and visuals are balanced on the page for better user experience. More firm photos for personal touch.
    Modern, balanced, responsive design to build brand trust.



Initial Research


I reviewed the firm’s current website which has a very dated look. There were usability issues, the value proposition/headline was weak, and the calls to action should be stronger and used more throughout the site. The cases and verdicts section should also be featured better with visuals to draw the eye.




Final Prototype


The new layout has a modern look with a personal touch. I created a feature section to highlight the firms Cases & Verdicts. I also highlighted the firm accolades and used supportive text to explain what they are. The content and design work together to tell a story about the firm and show visuals to support what they are reading. There are also more calls to action throughout the site.


I worked closely with the developer to ensure the final coded site looked and functioned like the final prototype.




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