TEKDON, INC Redesign

Initial Research – Old Site


Reviewing the Tekdon site, I noticed it was very out dated, there was no use of white space and everything was just so crammed together. The design really needed to be brought up to date, opened up and the text needed to be formatted for better readability. Nothing about this design draws users in or makes them stand out.




After Redesign


TEKDON, INC was looking for an updated, modern open design layout. They also wanted to incorporate their logo and use a updated imagery. The navigation also needed to be reworked for better usability and functionality.


The new design has an open, clean layout with imagery that is focused on microscopes, slides and droppers. I used a subtle color scheme with a yellow accent color to draw attention to the phone number and make it stand out. The content has also been formatted and broken out into sections for better readability.