Thomas J. Ueberschaer Website Redesign*


Design Challenge


Thomas J. Ueberschaer, a Florida personal injury attorney, approached us to redesign his website. He wanted to streamline the design for greater impact and focus the site on Car accidents, PI, SSDI, and Workers Comp.





A new website with updated navigation/practice areas, design, content and imagery.

Some of the new website features include:


    Visual Hierarchy has been improved with practice areas higher on the page

    More focused value proposition/headlines that focus on firms primary practice areas
    Engaging contextual photos/videos to increase interest in reading more
    Persistent calls-to-action to provide clear direction to convert users to leads
    New content is balanced between visuals, forms, and other elements on the page for better user experience
    Modern, balanced, responsive design to build brand trust



Initial Research


We reviewed the current website and noticed there were usability issues, value proposition/headline was weak, calls to action should be stronger and used more throughout the site. Visual hierarchy needed to be improved for more balance between visuals and content. Practice areas needed to be moved higher on the page. I worked with the content writer to ensure the content and design would blend together. Attorney Ueberschaer wanted his photo as well as the practice focused imagery used within the banner layout, so I carried that over, but cleaned everything up and made it more user friendly.




Initial Wireframe Sketch


After a few discussions about site map and how to break out the practice categories with our search engine marketer and content writer I started sketching ideas of what the website could possibly look like. I wanted to make sure the practice categories were higher on the page and horizontal. I also wanted to make sure the content, visuals and everything on the page was balanced.




Final Layouts


The new layout has a modern look with focused value propositions/headlines and supportive imagery. The practice areas are higher on the page and the whole design layout has better balance between content and visuals. There are also more calls to action throughout the site.


I worked closely with the developer to ensure the final coded site looked and functioned like the final prototype.




Mobile Layouts