Vernier & Associates PLLC Redesign*

Initial Research – Firm’s Old Site


I reviewed the firm’s current website, which had a very dated look and nothing really drew me in. There was a lot of wasted space and the practice areas were duplicated on the home page. The value proposition/headline was weak, and the calls to action should be stronger and used more throughout the site.




After Redesign


The overall layout is clean, open and easy to navigate. The practice areas are in 5 main categories for better usability and to increase conversion. We changed the color scheme from green to maroon because we wanted a color that was bold and would draw users in, but also a warm and strong color. Red shows strength, power and passion, but we didn’t want to use too bright of a color, so toning it down to maroon was a nice balance and still has the warm, strong, passionate tone that fits with the subject matter of the Vernier & Associates, PLLC practice. The firm logo and animated sun is incorporated at the top of the page and we have a strong call to action. The hero images are practice focused with supportive text.


I wanted to highlight Ruth Vernier and her experience, so I created a section with photo of her, some text and a link to her biography page.


A short intake form was added to the design for another contact point for users. We want to make it very easy for users to contact the firm. There are several calls to action throughout the design.






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